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With 25 years of training and performing in theater and opera, Kerstin O’Shields has acquired an in-depth knowledge of all levels of communication. When she realized that the same nuanced gestures, postures, and expressions impacted every one of her contacts off stage, she set about developing the type of training she experienced for her stage career and adapting it to the communications of everyday life. Kerstin brings her unique skills, talents and understanding of non-verbal communication to life in a program that impacts how each of us is viewed and received.

Kerstin customizes her training and instruction to meet the specific needs of her clients. Her client base includes International speakers, best selling authors, performance professionals competing at national levels, and business executives looking to establish themselves as leaders in their industries. With the skill set of enhanced body language, you can create influence without saying a word.

The three platforms to focus on are:

Body Language Strategy

Learn enhanced body language techniques to create consistent and cohesive messaging with verbal and nonverbal communications for your business presentation.

Mindset Execution

Mindset Execution for achieving your desired goals fear removal and specific goal setting to attract your target audience, step into your greatness, and advance as a leader in your industry.

Creating Your Talk

Creating a multiple module format to build linear thought into your presentation to feel confident in the flow and organization of your speech so you always come across as the master of your information.

Kerstin O'Shields

Presentation Coach and Vocal Specialist

Kerstin O’Shields is an Executive Presentation Coach, Speaker, and Private Voice Teacher in the Seattle and Greater Puget Sounds Area for over 20 years. Kerstin specializes in framing the masterpiece of each person’s message, performance, and business by enhancing nonverbal communication with body posture, body gesturing, facial expressions, and clarifying the physical voice. She brings the enjoyment to releasing the voice in both speech and singing in the natural foundations of the body and true expression.

Kerstin also enjoys working and encouraging the youth in the Greater Seattle Area by teaching the fundamentals of expression and technique in vocal performance and preparing young adults for success in the workforce. She has enjoyed multiple performances and speaking engagements focused on the ingrained connection of physical presentation to increase the ability to create meaningful connections and an increase in business.