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Kerstin O’Shields presenting the Bellevue Elements Workshop in October 2014.

Kerstin speaking at Google in March 2017.

Kerstin’s Speaking Topics

Body Language Strategy: How to Create Influence and Gain More Sales without Saying a Word – Learn body language that communicates confidence, competence, trust, and approachability. Create better relationship dynamics with your colleagues and clients.
Create Your Message and Your Marketing at the Same Time with the BLS Module Speaking Process: Create both your presentations and create content for making videos to build your business brand using this easy 7 step approach.
How to Show Up as an Elite Leader in a Competitive Business World: Go from struggling manager to world class leader with the Body Language Strategy Leadership Training. Learn verbal and non-verbal communication strategies to take command of any room. These tools and strategies will increase the bottom line of your business with encouraging a more collaborative environment that will increase efficiency in communication and improve team productivity.
Vocal Health and Best Practices as a Speaker: Tricks and trade secrets on how to keep your voice at its best for every talk you give! Gain insight into how your voice works and what it needs from you to stay healthy, functioning, and alive as a full-time speaker. These tips and tools will improve your vocal stamina, inflection, and projection to create more impact with your presentation. (specialized talk for professional executives and speakers)


Lessons are Held in Maple Valley, WA 98038


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What an amazing experience to see you “do your thing”. Thank you for blessing our health coaches of The Healthy Edge with confidence and awareness so they can take this vision to the masses! Amber Thiel

CEO, Heathly Edge