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P3 Business Workshop:
Presence, Performance, and Power!

Renew your business and revolutionize your life with the Kerstin O’Shields P3 method by enhancing your presence, clarifying your performance, and unleashing your power! Become aware of your target audience and what they need for the right experience with you. Embody an Alpha persona!

Presence and Power:
Personal Workshop

Learn how to live in your passion and how your physical presence can reflect confidence through proper posture and body expression. Create and manage an environment that naturally draws other to your pack. Learn how to embrace your life with grace and strength using programs to conquer your fears and unleash your confidence through nonverbal communication, and so much more!

Presence and Power:
Real Estate Edition

Go from just selling homes to connecting with your client to bring them into their future with confidence and grace. Unlock the secrets of nonverbal communication to create and manage an environment that naturally draws other to your business and closes the deal!

Confidence and Success:
From College to the Workforce

Improve nonverbal and verbal communication with body posture, body gesturing, clarifying physical speech, and using facial expression to increase the retention of any presentation or interview! Become physically aware, learn how to naturally draw people to you, and be able to connect with others. Specially designed for college students preparing to enter the workforce, this workshop will focus on success, after graduation.